There have been countless studies conducted both in Europe and beyond that confirm Health and Wellbeing are improved by access to a woodland environment.

Not only does the Worcestershire Woodland Project work within the woods, we also utilise them for health walks, green gym activities and so much more.

We watch our participants thrive in this unique environment where everyone has something to contribute, no matter how small.

Some people enjoy the nature around them, some people enjoy the naturally different pace of life. Others enjoy the sensory experiences that the woods can offer and some thrive on the fact that they are helping to maintain an ancient environment that future generations can also enjoy.

People who are not usually very active are naturally more stimulated when in a woodland environment. There has been much evidence to suggest that social interactions are also improved within a woodland setting and this is certainly something we have witnessed on countless occasions with our own participants. Studies have even shown that hospital patients recover more quickly when they have a view of trees from their window rather than a view of concrete!

Whatever your motivation for getting back in touch with our natural environment you will find a warm welcome and a place just for you with The Worcestershire Woodland Project.

FACT: A Community Mental Health Team Occupational Therapist, employed as part of our initial pilot scheme, mapped the mental wellbeing of our participants before they began the 10-week trial and again at the end. It was concluded that every participant reported and demonstrated a significant improvement in their mood and motivation as well as their overall mental health and wellbeing.