My experience was 100% positive, the staff and service users were helpful and friendly, the location was tranquil, but the work was physical. The mixture of surroundings and meaningful work was inspiring, especially knowing that in the future real opportunities were available for some of the service users. The benefits to both body and mind were plain to see.

Was there any anything that you didn’t like? That it was only one day as I would have happily spent weeks there.

Would you recommend or refer people to us in the future?   Please give reasons for your answer.  100% as said above the combination of environment, work and experience seemed to me to be wholeheartedly positive and meaningful especially where comparing this service to others experienced over the last 3 weeks.


Simon- Student Social Worker


The whole day was thoroughly enjoyable. It is hard to pinpoint one aspect that was enjoyed the most, but I appreciated spending some quality time with a service use. The environment meant you couldn’t fail to engage on a one to one basis and build a relationship. The woodland work undertook was really satisfying and I came away feeling really positive and good! Mike and Sarah were so welcoming and really seemed able to bring the best out of people.

From an induction point of view, the comparison between this service and other providers showed a startling difference. I think this experience definitely highlighted how some creative thinking can make a huge difference. The work here was meaningful, built positive relationships, increased living skills and social skills as well as helping to promote good physical and mental wellbeing. If I felt good after spending a day with the Woodland Project then I’m sure service users would too.

It was really inspiring to hear about the reinvestment back into the service users by way of social enterprise and training.

Claire – Student Social Worker (as part of an induction programme)


Mel – a participant:  I love being outdoors, the atmosphere and the people. It has really increased my confidence.

David – a participant:  I enjoy coming because I like being outdoors, not stuck in a factory like in the past. I am using skills that I used to use when I did a YTS a long time ago.

Amanda – a participant:  I was scared at first but now I think it’s brilliant. There’s no stopping me now!

Steve – a participant:  I just want to say thank you to this project because I don’t know what I would do without it.